Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage can be hugely beneficial to expectant Mums. It’s common to view massage as an indulgent luxury when really the benefits are very real, helping to combat the particular aches, swelling and discomfort that pregnancy can bring.

Reduced Anxiety, Better Sleep, Improved Mood & Less Back Pain.

So what are the possible benefits of Pregnancy Massage?

  • Massage therapy can address lower back pain, as well as leg, foot or hand discomfort.
  • Massage can reduce oedema (the swelling that can occur during pregnancy) due to improvements in the circulation system.
  • Massage can lessen stress on weight-bearing joints and muscles, to reduce neck and back pain caused by poor posture and strain on the uterine ligaments.
  • Massage can reduce levels of anxiety as the due date approaches so in addition to dealing with aches and pains it can be an overall tonic.
  • Specific massage techniques and specific oils and lotions can be used to aid the healing and reduce the appearance of incision related scar tissue.
  • After the baby’s birth, massage therapy can gently facilitate the body’s return to its pre pregnancy state, alleviate pain, foster a renewed sense of body and self, and help maintain flexibility despite the physical stresses of the labour process and infant care.

Are there any risks with Pregnancy Massage?

There are no reasons why a healthy woman should not receive appropriate prenatal massage, there are though some steps that are taken to ensure ultimate comfort and well-being, which include:

  • Positioning on the couch is slightly different during pregnancy and is mainly carried out in the side position or propped up into a semi-sitting position.
  • Massage pressure used during pregnancy is reduced to avoid any increased stress on the body.
  • There are certain acupressure points that are avoided.
  • The stomach area is not massaged.
  • Any massage strokes to the inner leg are superficial.
  • If confined to bed rest for any particular reason then massage to the legs is avoided as there is a higher risk of blood clots.

When is it suitable to receive massage during pregnancy?

There are no known risks associated with receiving correctly administered prenatal massage during any stage of your pregnancy. However, like most therapists we ask you to wait until you have had your 12 week scan before coming for your first session. If you have any doubts or concerns we would always suggest you discuss them with your healthcare professional first.